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September 22, 2016

24 hours in Mardi Gras City

I stuck to my promise and I'm back!

I might as well continue where I left off on our travels. So, after leaving my grandparents home we embarked on our official first stop of the road trip.

New Orleans

Plenty of beignets and oversized drinks to go around!

Crossing the border into Louisiana we stopped for an obligatory photo at the state line.

Top + Shorts from [Anthropologie]
Such tourists :]

Once we got to New Orleans, we had to move efficiently and quickly considering we had a mere 24 hours to indulge in the lively and colorful city. Efficiency aside, I booked the hotel an hour before we arrived on the app called [Hotel Tonight]. Check it out, it was so easy to use and almost always has discounts. Great for booking hotels the day of since hotels are trying to book rooms last minute and travelers like us wait until the last minute for the best price.

Photo from [here]
We were lucky and snagged a room in the heart of the French Quarter at a charming hotel called [Saint Philip Hotel] set in a Mediterranean style building. Upon checking in we got a room on the floor level with no balcony.  Now, when you stay in the French Quarter, you want a balcony room to get the full experience.  Upon seeing my disappointment, the hotel staff was kind enough to switch our room for a balcony.  It was lovely.

Look how charming the courtyard was!

I couldn't get over the ivy.

I clearly wasted no time enjoying the balcony. I loved looking out at all the various buildings covered in ivy with their wrought iron balconies.  

Now that we were all settled, next up was the most important part of any stay in New Orleans, no matter how short, FOOD.

Dan wanted to try the famous [Acme Oyster House] so off we went.

Along the walk we were able to catch several street performers.

Then, came dinner.  I was ready for some cocktails and oysters at this point and nothing else could distract us.

Obviously we ordered raw goodies with a side of oyster shooters.  Dan's personal favorite.

Not really, but I'm hoping if he takes them enough one day he'll realize he likes them!  Alas, he's a sweetheart and always takes one with me because he knows I love them.

We don't have a picture because we devoured them upon sight, but we would recommend the chargrilled oysters.  They were AMAZING, and this is coming from someone that prefers them raw.

After dinner we walked along bourbon street in search of some adult beverages.

Along the way I snapped pics of the beautiful things I saw, my eyes exhausted from all there was to see.

Our bar of choice was [Bourbon O']. Dimly lit with cushy chairs, colorful artwork, classic cocktails and live music.  WIN.

We ordered a couple of cocktails and sipped to our heart's content while we chatted and watched the band perform.  My favorite part about the bar was the design of the drink menu (which I kept as a souvenir because I loved it so much).

After our first round I got intrigued by their infamous Midas cup:

"Our world famous souvenir cup drink! 3 oz. Reyka Vodka, Fresh Housemade Strawberry Puree, Dole Pineapple Juice, Champagne.

Our super large and shiny gold go-cup comes with a lanyard, handle and piggybank hole."


For those that know me, they can imagine that it would take me days to finish this large of a drink considering I'm the world's slowest drinker. So yes, I still had some left as we walked back to our hotel room that night.  Shush.

The next morning we woke up to seek out the famous beignets from [Cafe du Monde].  Sure it wasn't our typical breakfast of choice considering they don't serve eggs or bacon, but it felt criminal coming to New Orleans and NOT trying their beignets.

We also got the coffee even though neither of us drink coffee.  Considering they ONLY serve coffee and beignets, we had no choice.

They were quite tasty and I'm glad we stopped but HOLY SWEET.  Regardless, we did eat all three.

Then we ventured along, slowly walking, occasionally stopping to look at artwork, people watch or just to simply take it all in.

Us being tourists!

Top from [Shop Hopes]  |  Skirt from [H&M]  |  Purse from [Henri Bendel]
Again, everytime I saw pretty ivy I had to stop and take a photo!

Why yes, I'd love a drink to go while we walk around! What, more live music?

How I loved that city.

Of course after all that walking and drinking I was hungry again. Typical.

We stopped at a small vendor in the market that boast healthier New Orlean Cuisine.  Perfect.  I ordered the popular crab cake benedict with a side of gumbo.

I told you, I was hungry!

Dan ordered a salmon salad.  Always making me look like a fatty.

Also, I have to point out that instead of serving the complimentary bread, they served orange slices. This was perfect to cool you off in the dead of summer down south where humidity is a constant 100%.

After another delicious meal it was time to continue along our journey to the west.

We walked back to the hotel to grab our things and take a couple more photos of the fun wallpaper in the room while we were at it, toting oversized drinks and beads.  Because, when in New Orleans...

Sure, our stay there was painfully short and went by even quicker, but it's clearly doable to see the best New Orlean has to offer in a short about of time. We'll definitely be back, and next time for much longer.

Until then...

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