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October 04, 2016

36 hours in Austin

Is throwback Tuesday a thing? Hopefully it is, because I'm throwing it back to the second stop on our Road trip out west:

Austin, Texas

Let me just preface this with 36 hours is NOT enough time, but it IS possible to see the highlights and get a taste for the charm that is the eclectic and delicious city of Austin.

But before getting to Austin, we absolutely took obligatory pics at the Texas state line! 

We are such tourists.

We arrived in Austin just before midnight and naturally, I was hungry. 

First stop: [Goudoughs] for my absolute favorite dessert in all the land!

Check out the extensive menu of doughnuts! Not quite sure how we chose.

So unfortunately I don't have decent photos of the donuts because the lighting was terrible and it would've done the donuts a disservice.  However, it is good to note that these treats are RICH.  Now, I love a good doughnut, but after several bites I hit a food wall.  

It was a sad day because they were oh so tasty.

But I do have some pics of the truck and seating!

After indulging our sweet tooth, we headed to our home for the night. For this stop we decided to Airbnb it and we were so glad we did.

We stayed in a fully remodeled 1955 Spartan Mansion and it was hands down one of the most unique and amazing Airbnb we've stayed in.

I was obsessed with the modern/rustic/vintage decor.  Obsessed I tell you!

Look how perfect the record machine station was! You can bet we used it, listening to classic rock and oldies.

The bed was nice and cozy.  There was no need for heavy blankets considering we were in Texas in the middle of summer.  The trailer did have AC but it was in the other end of the trailer so it did get a little warm in the bedroom which was located at the opposite end, but not unbearable.

The outside was just as adorable as the inside.


The trailer was tucked away on the side of private property which included another remodeled trailer, chicken coop, and garden along with the main house. 

I was in love with all of the large trees creating a canopy of shade over the whole property.

You had to enter through a slightly hidden gate beneath an ivy covered archway.  



After checking out of the Airbnb, we made our way to breakfast.  You guessed it - another food truck.

This time it was a food truck called [Paperboy]

Check out how fun and funky the umbrella is.  I was immediately in love.

We ordered several dishes and a couple agua frescas to cool off during the already hot day. The truck, very fitting of its name, offers the daily paper to it's guests upon ordering.

When our food arrived, I was ecstatic.  Everything looked delicious!!

Obviously, we grabbed their selection of hot sauces to enhance our meal.


We ordered the sausage + egg sandwich, the hash bowl, and the fig and goat toast. All delicious and highly recommended. We would definitely go back next time we're in Austin.

And here's a couple more photos of the truck just because I was digging the design/atmosphere.


After breakfast, we went kayaking on the Colorado River that runs through the city and passes alongside downtown. We rented kayaks at [Live Love Paddle] then made our way to the Colorado River.

So the views from the river were pretty spectacular. But initially it was hard for me to enjoy them because it was literally 100 degrees that day and we forgot to bring a water bottle out with us. So, needless to say, I was being a liiiiiittttttle cranky.  

But once I got over myself, I was able to enjoy everything and take it all in.  


Just a piece of advise, be sure to bring some water with you!


After kayaking we wanted to cool off and go for a quick swim so we headed to [Barton Springs Pool].


The pool itself was closed for cleaning but we were able to swim int the surrounding springs.

The pool attracts people from all over the world and is one of the crown jewels of Austin.  It is ideal for year-round swimming since it maintains a temperate of 68 degrees, pulling from nearby natural springs.

Sure it was chilly when you submerge your whole body, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't refreshing in the dead of summer.

The last stop on our quick tour of Austin was to visit our friends, Chad, Viony, and they're adorable daughter Arya (best name, I know!)  that had just moved there from Raleigh. They were sweet enough to let us stay with them and show us around town.

To my delight, they're guide of downtown was largely based off of the best Pokestops, which just so happened to be popular landmarks.  It was actually a lot of fun and a unique twist on a city tour.

The most popular pokestop was Charmander Bay, formerly known as Auditorium Shore at Lady Bird Lake.  There were probably hundreds of people there, all catching pokemon. It was wild.

Oh hey look, a Charmander!

Dan was thrilled, can't you tell

All in all, I was in love with the city and definitely need to plan another, much longer trip. The city is full of food and sights that we unfortunately didn't have time to see. One regret was not partaking in the fun of dirty sixth street.

But alas, there's always next time!

Until then,


  1. Is that a hip PatternFly shirt Dan has on? ;)

    1. Haha you know it! It actually wears that shirt ALL the time!!


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