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October 12, 2016

Airbnb for life

A couple weeks ago Dan and I went to Joshua Tree for a weekend getaway for our 2 year Anniversary. You can read about the first day [here]. The first source we always check when booking accommodations is [Airbnb].  We've been Airbnb users for 5 years now and some of our most memorable vacations are because of our stay using Airbnb.

If you haven't used it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only is it usually cheaper, but you typically get more a feel for the culture of the area you are visiting. Also, since I'm a sucker for interior design, it's also a great place to get inspiration for your own home.

In Joshua tree we were lucky enough to book a dome for the weekend. Hands downs, the most creative and amazing Airbnb we've stayed in yet!

We stayed at [Bonita Domes], in one of the two pods available for stay in the property. This is the description of the pod found on Airbnb:

"Bonita Domes is a private home studio and retreat. Ideal for those who want to integrate themselves with nature for a rustic yet luxurious camp~like experience. Expansive views & open skies day and night. Star gazing is a must!"

Enticing right?

Well we sure fell for it, and it did NOT disappoint!

The property itself was incredible. You were close enough to the town but far enough to feel disconnected and fully immersed in the desert.

I was IN LOVE with the sleeping pod. It was so cozy and inviting!

First off, you had to crawl through this tiny adorable door (Dan struggled considering his 6'3 frame) and then you are greeted with a cozy futon, pillows, blankets, and a tiny sitting nook. It was a surprisingly comfy sleeping setup. The materials the dome is made out of is a natural insulator so it was nice and cool during the night and was reasonably cool during the heat of the day, considering we were in the desert.

Did I mention that the domes were handmade by the properties owner, Lisa? She is one talented lady with quite the vision. She was also the sweetest, most welcoming host!

The door was split in two so you could drop the top half to let in fresh air.

I mean, just look how adorable!

Here is the view from the sitting area.  The pod also came with solar lights since there is no electricity out there. Luckily we brought portable chargers.

As cute as the sleeping arrangements were, my favorite part about Bonita Domes was the shower house.  How fun is this?!

Inside was equally as beautiful.

You share the shower house with visitors staying in the other pod but we didn't notice any issues with sharing. I love the white interior and clean/natural decor.  The shower house included two shower heads, a bathtub and sink.

There was also an outhouse which was surprisingly clean and felt like any other bathroom found within a home.

Also on the property was a massive firepit and kitchen area.

We used the kitchen/bar area for drinking a bottle of prosecco during the sunset.  The kitchen is complete with a wireless fridge (food is kept cool by placing ice blocks in the insulated fridge), gas stove, and sink.

Not a bad setup for an anniversary getaway :]


Dan looking particularly classy.

Obsessed with this property and the views of the desert, especially during the sunset!

Dan may feel differently, but I loved our stay there and can't wait to go back and stay again! Just to be so disconnected from the world and be immersed in nature is always so refreshing. Also, the stars. If anything, stay here for the view of the stars.

Until next time, Joshua Tree,

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