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October 31, 2016

Bondi Harvest - Aussie Beach Vibe Cuisine

We are always searching for new restaurants to try. This weekend was no different.  We braved the traffic and headed into Santa Monica on Saturday for brunch.

We ended up heading to [Bondi Harvest] to try out some healthy, colorful Aussie food inspired by the Bondi Beach lifestyle.

Harvest Pancakes and breakfast bowls at Bondi Harvest - Delicious!

We found the restaurant on Yelp and it had great reviews.  The website describes it as such:

"Boasting a food philosophy focusing on locally-sourced produce seasonal cooking and healthy eating, the Bondi Harvest menu offers elevated simplicity with fresh, flavoursome food and ingredients that shine."


Word to the wise, don't go on a Saturday at 12.  Parking is limited and there was a line out the door (The line did move at a reasonable pace, however).  We noticed by 1 the line died down so next time we'll go later on in the day. (Because let's face it, we aren't getting there before noon on a weekend).

Outdoor seating of Bondi Harvest

Look how cute outdoor space is! It was inviting with all the greenery placed throughout the entrance and outdoor seating. Anyways, you walk in line to place your order at the counter.  Once goodies are ordered, you find a place to sit with your number in towe.

Outdoor Seating of Bondi Harvest
Loving the outdoor alley seating.

You can even perch up by the window, using the sill as a table! - Bondi Harvest
You can even perch up by the window, using the sill as a table!

There are a number of tables outside but for peak times, you might have to get creative with your seating situation. This definitely proved to be a challenge during Saturday brunch, but we managed to snag a spot at the community table indoors.

Indoor seating at bondi harvest. Not much space but a community table in middle. Cute decor

Can we just take a moment to admire this decor.  I was so inspired by all the different textures and knick knacks on display!

Bondi Harvest Decor - interior

Bondi Harvest Decor - interior

Bondi Harvest Decor - interior - Shiplap

This shiplap, though.

Bondi Harvest Decor - interior - Shiplap and handsewn pillows

Serious decor envy going on over here.

I really want to redecorate my house and use this place as inspiration.

One last photo of the interiors then we'll move onto the food, promise.

Bondi Harvest Decor - interior - bench made of concrete slab

These fun textured pillows were everything. They contrasted so well against the white shiplap walls and innovative concrete slab bench.

I want all of it!

Anyways, onto the munchies!

Unfortunately the food was so good that I was only able to take a couple photos before we ate it all. We each ordered a breakfast bowl and got an order of their famous pancakes and a smoothie to share.

Bondi Harvest - breakfast bowls and harvest pancakes with smoothie

Dan ordered the Caveman bowl - chimichurri dressed cauliflower rice with kale, turmeric
quinoa, fermented veg, fried egg, bacon, housemade hummus.


I ordered the Rainbow bowl - turmeric quinoa, fermented veg, avocado, carrot, chimichurri
cauliflower rice, wilted kale, soft boiled, sesame salt, nori.

Equally as good.  Both bowls tasted so fresh!

Then there was the Kombucha Kick smoothie and the oh-so-delicious Sweet Winter Squash Pancakes served with sweet avocado, housemade gf granola and berries.  These were hands down the BEST pancakes I've ever tasted.  We will be going back solely for our obsession over these pancakes!

I mean, look at these beauties!

Harvest pancakes at Bondi Harvest

There were so fluffy and flavorful with various complementary textures.  ORDER THEM.

I'm excited to go back and try everything else on their menu.  I can only imagine how delicious the rest of the food is.

Another amazing brunch in the books!

Until next time,


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