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October 26, 2016

Sunken City - Getting lost in LA Ruins

Ever have the urge to hike and climb amongst graffiti covered ruins?

Well we didn't either until we discovered the beauty that is [Sunken City].

Over the weekend we were looking for a place to hike, and Dan came across Sunken City on Instagram.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first, but so glad we ended up going.

"Sunken City" is the name of the 'beach' along the cliffs in San Pedro, south of Palos Verdes. This site holds the remains of a landslide that occurred in 1929, bringing two homes into the ocean and displacing 10.3 acres of land which was filled with homes and streets.

Sure, it's currently closed to the public and trespassing is technically illegal (due to a string of deaths and injuries that have occurred), but that doesn't stop people from visiting every day. It has actually become a very popular attraction for people seeking for an adventurous hike. The site is also filled with graffiti, making the whole area somewhat surreal and oddly beautiful. It almost feels like a giant urban art installation.

Since it's illegal to visit, there are various hidden ways to enter Sunken City. We found directions online and went on our way.

First you walk through a public park that sits along the side of the cliff which is bordered by this concrete wall.  You must climb said concrete wall at the far left.

Once you hop that, you immediately know you are headed in the right direction due to all the graffiti covering the other side.

You are also greeted with this incredible view.  

Then you walk down the small steep trail that bends to the left where you will see a fence.

At the bottom, you will see an opening that you must then crawl under. (Half the fun is getting there.)

Graffiti everywhere!

Once you are under the fence, you will walk into an open area that you must walk across until you see the ruins below.  You will also walk past the "No trespassing" sign.  

You wanted adventure, you got it!

This tree has been through some tough times.

When you get to the edge of another cliff, you should see this view below you:

Walk down using one of the many paths, then you have reached the Sunken City!  See, that wasn't too bad.

Our "Yay, we made it face!"
Then you hike, climb, and explore away, enjoying the art and beauty of such a unique place!

It was such a fun place to photograph.  I was loving all of the extra pops of color from all the graffiti. It contrasted beautifully with the blues from the ocean and grays/tans from the rubble and dirt.

We found this large piece of concrete that hung over the cliff a bit so we ventured on top of it to take more photos.  

The view from up there was something.

How fun are these two shots below?!

After, we climbed down the cliff towards the shore, watching the waves crash on large pieces of concrete that fell over the cliff long ago.

We went on a Saturday afternoon and there were a lot of people that came through while we were there. 

Graffiti artists, fellow bloggers, couples on picnics, groups of friends hanging out, and even families.  

I must warn you, however, that since it's not open to the public and no longer an official park, it is by no means clean. You have to be careful from falling or else you might land on shards of glass since people think it's fun to throw around beer bottles as a sport.  It was making me angry to watch this happen, especially being so close to the ocean.

On top of glass, there is just trash everywhere.  I watched a squirrel grab a hot cheeto from a bag and eat it before we wandered away. No joke, it happened, and it was weird. 

So there's that.  Maybe if it's ever reopened it will get cleaned up. It's a shame to see such a place used as a giant dumpster.

Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon hike and adventure, one I would recommend if you were looking for a change of scenery.

Until next time,

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