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October 20, 2016

Safari with a side of Vino

Who says wine and safaris don't go together?

Last Sunday, Dan and I enjoyed a day filled with wine, cheese, and incredible panoramic views of the Santa Monica Mountains..  All while befriending zebras and llamas, riding around in a custom-built open-air Safari vehicle. What's not to love?

Experience this unique and fun day at [Malibu Wine Safaris], where they offer a variety of wine tours on 1,000 acres of land on Saddlerock's Ranch and vineyard in Malibu.

Wine tasting at Malibu Wine Safaris overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains

Who knew this magical day would take place only 45 minutes away from our house.

Oh California, full of surprises.

We signed up for the Vintner tour.  Surprisingly we booked this less than two weeks out (Not), so the only time available was 10:30 am.  Fine by us! Here is the description of the tour:

"Indulge in a fascinating (and delicious) trip into vineyard culture on the Vintner's Safari, where you'll explore Saddlerock's most intriguing details while sampling a variety of fine wines and a cheese and charcuterie board. Enjoy a tasting of 8 wines and feed the animals!"

You can view a list of the other tours available [here]!

When you arrive you check in and then wait to board the 20 passenger safari vehicle.

Dan was pumped about this, can't you tell?

We all hopped in the vehicle and started the tour of Malibu Wines.

Dan finally looks excited!

As you enter the vineyard, you are greeted with amazing scenery.


Before we drank any wine, we made a pit stop to feed some exotic animals.  I was so giddy when I spotted them all. First up was the llamas.

As soon as I saw this particular llama, I knew we'd be best friends. I mean, look at how he glows!

At first, the relationship was a little rocky. He wouldn't even acknowledge me.


But then I found the way to his heart - food. We already had so much in common.


Once fed, he warmed up to me and we quickly become best friends.

See, he loved me.

Next up were the zebras.  Beforehand we were warned that we had to be cautious around them since they tend to bite.  Not from aggression, but because they assume everything is food, including fingers.


Anyways, I love zebras. They are so beautiful, and their stripes are everything!

They knew food was in their near future, so there were very eager to get our attention.

The things we do for food.  I understand Mr. Zebra, I really do.

We were given carrot sticks as opposed to the small pieces we fed the llamas with. You know, because of the zebra's chompers.

There were also gorgeous horses and donkeys, who chose to remain anonymous during the feeding.

Now onto the first set of wine tasting!

But first, these views <3

We parked the vehicle on the side of the mountain, overlooking their vineyards. To the left of us was a giant yellow frame, ideal for photo ops.

I  jumped all over it.

I even made Dan join me.

Wine tasting at Malibu Wine Safaris overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. Posing within the frame!

Even this horse wanted to be part of the action.  He knew a good photo op when he saw one - he even dressed up.

First up were the whites.  This included a sparkling white, chardonnay, Rosé, and a sweeter white. The sparkling white was my favorite.

Look how happy vino makes us!

I seriously could not get over these views. I could live up here.


Now on to the next stop!

Reds accompanied with cheese and charcuterie.

You had me at cheese, and wine...

Also, got a Rosé refill for the road.

The second stop was actually a small, intimate wedding venue complete with a gorgeous vine altar surrounded by panoramic vineyard views and an adorable cottage big enough for >100 people.

If we weren't already married, this would be where we would hold the reception.

Simply breathtaking.

We even reenacted our proposal!


Such romantics.

And goofballs.

Back to the wine.  Here we sampled 4 reds, my favorite being Turtle Rock, which we ended up buying a bottle of afterwards.

Let' not forget the food!

They had a variety of cheeses, charcuterie, jams, mustards, and fruits for us to nibble on while we sipped our wine.  Did I mention that they gave us unlimited refills until they ran out of wine? It was lovely.

So that concluded the tour. After we were fed and tipsy, we were driven back to the entrance where they had free shuttles available for us to take to another part of the vineyard that had even MORE samples and live music.

We knew where we were headed.

Also, how cute is this setup that you can rent?!

We didn't spend long there since there were no food trucks that day and we were still hungry (always).  So we bought a bottle of wine and headed out, in search of more food.

But not before I took the obligatory photo with this giant Wine sign! 

I want one.

So what are you waiting for? Go book a tour today! Definitely one of my favorite things we've done in the LA area so far.

Until next time,

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