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November 15, 2016

Airbnb - Italian Villa in Sacramento

While in Sacramento for Dan's work conference, we stayed at another incredible Airbnb where we got to experience the beauty of fall.

Last week was much needed. Dan had a conference up in Sacramento so I tagged along since I could work anywhere as long as there is wifi.  I figured, why not? Would get me out of the house and I would get to explore more of this beautiful state.

In addition, I talked Dan into taking a weekend trip to Napa since I realized it was only an hour away from Sacramento. I could barely hold in my excitement, but tried to keep my cool.

Honestly, one of the things I knew I would miss the most about North Carolina (besides friends and family, of course) was fall.  Like most people, I'm a sucker for the crisp cool air and the colors of the changing leaves. Well, we don't exactly get that in sunny Southern California. Not that I'm complaining! The weather here is great all year round, but I've found myself pretending it's cooler than it really is just so I can wear sweaters and boots. Pretty much any time it drops below 70 degrees, I'm in full fall gear.

Well, to our surprise, Northern California does have more of the promises of true fall.  The air was (somewhat) cooler and the leaves were changing from the bright yellows to the deep reds. The ground was beginning to be covered in a blanket of leaves.

I was so happy.

We decided to stay in the town of Fair Oaks, that borders Sacramento all because we found this Airbnb gem.

This particular Airbnb was a separated guest house on this beautiful gated property. The host greeted us when we arrived (she was the sweetest) and showed us around and explained the house rules. Not all hosts will greet you upon arrival but I actually prefer to meet them. They are always the nicest people.

The guest house was tucked away behind the main house off to the side. It overlooked their yard, which included a chicken coop, veggie and fruit garden, fire pit, and a massive beautiful pergola covered in vines. The whole yard was dotted with a variety of trees that offered shade and added pops of fall colors.

It was lovely.

I spent a lot of time out in the yard, in between meetings, just enjoying the cool air and taking in all the colors.

I even stopped by to say hi to the chickens.

They were always so excited to see guests and greeted you all at once.

But I have to say, my favorite part of the whole Airbnb, was the pergola. There was something about having a layer of ivy and leaves sheltering you. It was magical.

That and there was a swing, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

See what I mean?

The inside was equally as beautiful and as impressive as the outside.

Once you walk in you feel like you immediately stepping into an Italian villa.

You are greeted with a pool table directly in front of you, a kitchen to your left and a sofa and circular eating area to the right.

But what really stood out was the wall treatments. It was done in an Italian fresco style, with warm browns and reds.  There was even a mural painted on one of the walls.

It really was something.

The host told us that the previous owners had this room done and it served as a man cave.

That's one classy man cave.

The dining area had an alcove built into the circular wall where there was another mini mural and vase on display.

And check out the mural where they kept the pool cues!

How beautiful is that?

Also, here is a detailed shot of the texture of the walls.

And in case you were wondering, yes, we did play pool.

And yes, I did win.

The guesthouse also had a fluffy king size bed.  As soon as I saw it I wanted to jump on it.  I refrained, of course.

And we can't forget about the bathroom! The shower was beautifully tiled (obviously, considering the rest of the house) with a rainwater style showerhead.

Finally, the host had a bowl of fresh fruit and a bottle of Wine to welcome us. This was a nice touch and very fitting given the theme of the guest house and that fact that we were in wine country.

So once again, another great Airbnb experience for the books!

I'll end with my usual sales pitch. If you haven't tried Airbnb, give it a shot. They are typically cheaper (For example this was under $100/night - a STEAL) and you get to enjoy more unique accommodations.

Check it out, [Airbnb]

Until next time,

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