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January 06, 2017

In Search of the Best Sushi

When planning your trip to Tokyo where the best sushi in the world exists, one must splurge on a traditional omakase (chef's choice) sushi experience.

If you haven't seen [Jiro Dreams of Sushi] on Netflix, do so. It will give you a new appreciation for the art of sushi-making. This actually inspired us to search out for Jiro's restaurant before even planning this trip, but thanks to Anthony Bourdain, we decided to try out his (+ Martha Stewart's) favorite sushi spot [Sushi Bar Yasuda] instead, as the reviews steered us in this direction as well.

There are only 10 seats at the bar + 2 tables in the back, so a very intimate setting. You will get to know your neighbors at the sushi bar, as there is never an empty seat in small confines. You will hear the story behind each unique piece of sushi from Chef Yasuda himself. Sushi comes out one piece at a time with a story, a joke (he is full of these), and a unique description behind each hand-rolled piece of deliciousness. Don't underestimate the rice, it's the best part of his sushi. According to the best sushi chefs, it's the most important ingredient.

Our setup includes ginger, soy sauce dish, chopsticks and water. Along with front row seats to the sushi action

Sushi chef yasuda in action making sushi

One of my favorites, ikura sushi

Since we did omakase style, Yasuda just keeps making his sushi until you say no more. Every piece was so savory, unique, and just so freaking delicious that we couldn't figure out when to say stop. It felt like the Price is Right, where the anticipation of what piece of sushi coming up next felt like waiting for the reveal of What's Behind Door #3.

Yasuda will reach out to you weeks prior via e-mail to take your requests and preferences if you have any so he can shop for the appropriate type & amount of fish, which is above & beyond customer service that we certainly had never experienced. He'll also take special requests (lady next to us had a soy allergy for instance).

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  • RESERVATIONS: Make sure to make reservations well in advance for Sushi Bar Yasuda. We did so 2 months out, and didn't have a problem securing a dinner time spot for 2. 
  • COST: Expect to spend $100-$150 USD per person. We were on the high-end at $150 each, thanks to our bottomless appetite that lead to 32 pieces of sushi + unfiltered sake.
  • TIME: You have an allotted time of roughly 2hrs here, before the next wave of reservations comes in. We were asked to move to the empty table in the back near the end of our meal, as we went over. Jiro's place will try to get you out in under 30mins (according to reviews we read), so this was definitely a plus for Yasuda.
  • ETIQUETTE: Follow traditional Japanese sushi etiquette of:
    • Use your hands for nigiri
    • Don't add your own wasabi or soy sauce as this is already included by the chef on each piece - unless prompted
    • Each piece of sushi is meant to be eaten in one bite
    • Miso soup + green tea will be presented at the conclusion, so don't expect it earlier

Cheers, unfiltered sake, recommended from Yasuda himself

Green tea and miso soup, yes please!

This is an experience you will never forget at Sushi Bar Yasuda. Whether it be here, Jiro's place, or another high-end sushi restaurant that features omakase, we can't recommend this sushi bar experience in Tokyo highly enough to you fellow travelers!

Happy Travels,


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  2. Fuji Sushi offers some of the best sushi Rochester in a conveyor belt style restaurant at very reasonable prices.


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