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Welcome to our travel blog, Colors and Coordinates - we are Sarah Jane + Daniel Cox.

We take a lot of pictures. Of everything. For example, every time my husband and I travel, you can almost count on us taking 1,000+ photos, regardless of the length of the trip.

It has gotten to the point where we feel like we're hoarding photos, and that they are just sitting in an abandoned hard drive, all alone and without purpose. Until one day I thought, we could bring them back to life again.

This blog will encompass all aspects of our travels. From our adventurous meals to travel tips and documenting our experiences. So follow along as we spontaneously book trips, whether it's exploring our new home state of California, or venturing across the nation and abroad.

But most importantly, it'll be a place to document the beauty of life, and everything in between.


We've been fortunate to have opportunities to travel throughout the years.  We both have full time tech jobs so we fully maximize our vacation days to travel to the most destinations we can manage each year.

The dream is that one day this map will be filled with pins and every country will be checked off the list. (Blue represent trips planned within the year). It's exciting watching it fill up.


We met early on in college and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We both caught the travel bug early on in our relationship. It goes back all the way to our first trip together - the mountains of North Carolina.

Throughout and after college we continued traveling, sprinkling in a couple Carribbean and Euro trips when we could.

In 2014 we got married and vowed to never stop having fun and traveling together.

A little over 2 years of living in our first home together, it was time to start the next chapter of our lives. We packed up our belongings and said goodbye to our beloved home of Raleigh, NC, and set off for our new home - Los Angeles, CA.

That's when Colors and Coordinates was born. We wanted to take all our experiences and create an outlet where we could help others, hoping to provide fellow travelers ideas for itineraries and tips and to learn from our mistakes.

Here's to never looking back.

And always looking forward.

Happy Travels,